Soy Lites Moisturising Tumbler Peaceful Summer

Soy Lites Moisturising Tumbler Peaceful Summer

Popular with chefs and outdoors enthusiasts, Peaceful Summer is a fresh blend that effectively repels mozzies away from your body, and repels flies away from the dinner table. Safe to apply directly to skin as a repellent body oil - 50 Hours burn time 

* Crafted using 100% natural, premium raw ingredients 

* Completely free of chemicals, parabens and petroleum ingredients 

* Our craftsmanship ensures a longer, cleaner, soot-free burn 

* Doubles up as a moisturising body candle 

* Made with cosmetic-grade, non-GMO soybean oil 

* Many health benefits for skin when applied 

* Beautifully scented with aromatherapy oils 

* Vegan endorsed - no beeswax 

* Not tested on animals 

R 225.00