Soft Bucket Rough Diamond

Soft Bucket Rough Diamond

Skinny la Minx is designed by Heather Moore products are professionally screenprinted and manufactured in Cape Town

Soft Buckets come in two sizes:

Dimensions (when top not folded down)
Small: Height 17cm x 23cm
Medium: Height 22 x 28cm

They are the very thing you didn't know you needed untill you got one. They're perfect for pot plants, for stashing and grouping just about anything thats currently making a mess about the place. Yarn, rolls of tape, phone chargers, cotton balls... you'll wander how you did without them before.

NOTE: Soft Buckets are not waterproof. Plants should be in closed pots, or have a saucer beneath. It is advised to remove the plant from the Soft Bucket before watering.

R 210.00