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Soft toys

Mamita and me hot and cold pillow Colic

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 100% pre-washed cotton wash the cover at 40°C Keep inner seed pillow dry (DO NOT WASH) 100% organic linseed filling keep in the fridge or freezer for those moments that require extra TLC and...


Mamita and me rattle

  PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 100% pre-washed cotton can be washed at 30°C (rattle disc is watertight) anti-allergenic due to micro-fibre filling designed for even the smallest hands to hold onto gentle rattling sound no small parts Size: 22 x...


Mamita and me Soft Pillow

Proudly south african for all PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 100% pre-washed cotton cover can be washed at 40°C one side printed cotton design, other side soft cotton knit fabric filled with fine fibre - feels like soft...


Mamita and me Muslin cloth

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 100% pre-washed cotton muslin wash at 40°C 80x80 cm @ only 100gr = ideal companion for parents & babies protection from insects & sunlight soft cuddling blanket or as a lie-down blanket for...


Jellycat PomPom Ripple Raspberry

Raspberry Ripple Pompom is ready to hit the disco! This loveably lanky fluffball friend is as soft and yummy as a big bowl of ice-cream! This Pompom loves to pose...


Jellycat Fancy Flamingo/ fancy Swan Small

Fancy Flamingo and Fancy Swan are birds of their word..., and always brings the loveliest looks! ..ready to party in a sparkly mesh tutu and matching silvery slippers and crown! 34cm...


Jellycat Elfie Elephant chime

Chiming chuckles with this merry elly!

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JellyCat Lollopylo Chime

Full of frolics and jingly clops, it's Lollopylou Chime! This unicorn's off to the carnival, with colourful hooves and a merry ribbon mane! Canter, trot, buck and jump to hear...


JellyCat Bashful Birch small

Have a hug and a hygge moment with Bashful Birch Bunny Medium. In gorgeous, soothing two-tone fur, this bunny's as soft as a wandering cloud. With long lopsy ears and...


JellyCAT Gary Gecko

Gary Gecko is a quirky fellow, with marvellous mottled, bobbly fur. His big suedey eyes help him spot his dinner - usually some tasty bugs! Mossy and bossy, he's a...