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Soft toys

JellyCat Unicorn Tails Book

elve into a world of crinkly, crackly and squishy unicorn fun. Sparkly, pastelley enjoyment from page to page. These unicorns are showing off their fabulous tails, from fuzzy to shiny...


JellyCat Rainbow Tails Book

Wait a second - that book has a tail! It has lots of tails! It's the Tails Rainbow Book! A carnival of colour, this fun fabric book is noisy, feely...


JellyCat Sea Tails Book

Dive into the Sea Tails book for tails of every stripey, scale and squiggle! A funky fabric book that can hang from the buggy, this is one silly, splashy adventure!...


JellyCat Swellegant Lancelot Lion

Swellegant Lancelot Lion has some serious swagger - just look at that beautiful navy-blue mane and vibrant mustard fur! This growly buddy has a chunky black nose and skinny tail...

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Jellycat Baby Bunny

Baby is the tiniest of all bunnies... with a tiny 13cm tall, it does not stand back in cuteness... 


JellyCat Wiggly Worm

Perky, chirpy and happy to meet you, Wiggly Worm Blue just popped in from the garden! Adorably quirky, this funny teal friend has huge shiny eyes and a great big...

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JellyCat Puffles Dino

Grassy-green and sweet as an apple, Puffles Dino loves to stomp and snuggle. This quirky companion has contrast green spines, but don't worry - they're supersoft! A squishy muzzle, bonny...


JellyCat Fancy Flamingo

Fancy Flamingo is a bird of her word, and always brings the loveliest looks! She's ready to party in a sparkly mesh tutu and matching silvery slippers and crown! They...


JellyCat Cordy Roy Flamingo

Cordy Roy Flamingo is loud and proud, with cool cordy feathers in bright salmon pink! This bobbly buddy loves splashing in the water, flapping those neat wings and waggly tail....

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JellyCat Colin Chameleon

Mottled mischief and reptile romps!   Colin Chameleon is such a charismatic critter! Soft as moss and jumbly-coloured, he's way too cool for just one shade. This kooky dude's got the biggest...


JellyCat If I were a Penguin

Get your flippers flapping!   Size: 6 inches tall Suitable from birth Made of paper board, polyester details Spot clean only Designed by Jellycat in London, UK